Migration of Study Documents from Legacy eIRB to iRIS

IRB Staff have begun moving copies of all last-approved study documents, except for consent forms, from Legacy eIRB to iRIS.  We are currently migrating documents on all open, approved, non-exempt studies.

Consent forms will continue to be migrated at the time of continuing review, if they have not been amended in iRIS since “Go Live”.  Research summaries and waivers will not be moved as this information is now part of the iRIS study application.  In addition, if a document has been revised in iRIS since “Go Live”, the previous documents will not be migrated.

The IRB will notify PIs/Coordinators when their study documents have been migrated into iRIS.  At that time, we will ask you to confirm whether all your study documents were moved correctly.

Please contact your IRB Specialist for any questions.