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Training and Education

Many training and education opportunities are available to Duke Health researchers, whether they are new to Duke and new to research, or highly experienced.  Duke Health is committed to offering continuing, practical training for faculty, students and staff who conduct research involving human subjects.

All Duke Health researchers must complete the following required training before they can submit protocols in iRIS:

Please note:  Duke Health researchers must renew their CITI modules every 3 years in order to be certified in Human Subjects Protection (HSP) training.

Before your current CITI modules expire, you will receive an e-mail reminder from the CITI system at 60 days, 30 days, and 7 days before your certification expires, and 1 day after your certification has expired.

Each month the Duke Health IRB offers a two-hour “IRB Overview” class.  Please register for this class on the Duke LMS website.

This class offers an overview of the DUHS IRB review process and requirements, federal regulations, and Duke policies pertaining to research involving human subjects.  The class highlights tools and resources for researchers on the IRB website and provides strategies for working efficiently with the IRB.