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Staff Contacts




IRB Specialist/Writer

Anesthesiology   Jo Llewellyn
Biochemistry   Angelyn Gravely
Biological Anthropology   Angelyn Gravely
Cell Biology   Angelyn Gravely
Community & Family Medicine   Angelyn Gravely
Jo Llewellyn
Duke Health Raleigh Hospital   Angelyn Gravely
Durham Regional Hospital   Angelyn Gravely
Genetics   Angelyn Gravely
Immunology   Angelyn Gravely
Medicine Allergy Deborah Reddoch
Medicine Cardiology Jo Llewellyn
Medicine Clinical Epidemiology Angelyn Gravely
Medicine Endocrinology Angelyn Gravely
Medicine Gastroenterology Carol Ward
Medicine General Medicine Deborah Reddoch
Medicine Geriatrics Jo Llewellyn
Medicine Hematology Martha Timmons
Medicine Human Vaccine Institute Angelyn Gravely
Medicine Infectious Diseases Angelyn Gravely
Medicine Nephrology Angelyn Gravely
Medicine Oncology Martha Timmons
Medicine Pharmacology Angelyn Gravely
Medicine Pulmonary Martha Timmons
Medicine Rheumatology Angelyn Gravely
Medicine Section of Medical Genetics Deborah Reddoch
Microbiology   Angelyn Gravely
Neurobiology   Angelyn Gravely
Deborah Reddoch
Obstetrics/Gynecology   Kasie Barrett
Ophthalmology   Kasie Barrett
Other Duke University   Martha Timmons
Outside Duke University   Angelyn Gravely
Pathology   Angelyn Gravely
Pediatrics Allergy & Immunology Carol Ward
Pediatrics Bone Marrow Transplant Program Carol Ward
Pediatrics Cardiology Carol Ward
Pediatrics Chairman's Office Carol Ward
Pediatrics Child Development Unit Carol Ward
Pediatrics Community Programs Carol Ward
Pediatrics Critical Care Carol Ward
Pediatrics Endocrinology Carol Ward
Pediatrics Gastroenterology and Nutrition Carol Ward
Pediatrics General Pediatrics Carol Ward
Pediatrics Hematology-Oncology Angelyn Gravely
Pediatrics Infectious Diseases Carol Ward
Pediatrics Medical Genetics Carol Ward
Pediatrics Neonatology Carol Ward
Pediatrics Nephrology Carol Ward
Pediatrics Neurology Carol Ward
Pediatrics Pediatric Health Policy Carol Ward
Pediatrics Pulmonary Carol Ward
Pediatrics Residency Training Carol Ward
Pediatrics Rheumatology Carol Ward
Pharmacology & Cancer Biology   Angelyn Gravely
Psychiatry   Martha Timmons
Radiation Oncology   Martha Timmons
Radiology   Carol Ward
School of Nursing   Kasie Barrett
Surgery   Jo Llewellyn
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